Wednesday, February 10, 2010

iPhone Apps: Tower Madness

The Mensch is back with a review of a great game Tower Madness. This game reminded me of Starcraft. The game starts out giving you a map that you have to set defenses so that the aliens can't get to the sheep you are trying to defend. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing more gratifying than watching hordes of aliens fall victim to your laser cannons and missile turrets. Its a tower-defense strategy game for iPhone.

The objective is to defend your flock of sheep from aliens, cockroaches and other strange creatures hell bent on abducting your woolly friends. You do so by building towers containing laser cannons, grenade mortars, missile turrets and other weapons to defeat the invaders; each kill gets you a few dollars. The strategy lies in how you arrange these towers, when to build them and what weapons you decide to buy.

It’s pretty addictive and fun after you get good at it. The full game costs $3; a free version, Tower Madness Lite, is also available in the App Store.

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